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Kamehameha V (1830)
After Kamehameha V succeeded his brother as king of Hawaii in 1863, he tried to restore the old tribal ways. He proclaimed a new constitution that restored power to the monarch, weakened the legislature, and restricted suffrage. He even refused to allow the sale of alcohol. Under his reign, the influence of American missionaries waned rapidly. On his 42nd birthday, he died without an heir, bringing the Kamehameha dynasty to an end. How did Mark Twain describe the king during his stay in Hawaii? Discuss

Nelly Sachs (1891)
Sachs was a German poet, translator, and dramatist. Born to a prosperous family, Sachs wrote poems mainly for fun until the advent of Nazism darkened her work and forced her to flee on one of the last flights to Sweden. Her lyrics from those years combine lean simplicity with intense imagery. Collections of her poetry include The Seeker and O the Chimneys. What other poet developed a deep friendship with Sachs, which unfortunately exacerbated both poets' mental illnesses?

Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717)
The son of a German cobbler, Winckelmann overcame years of hardship to pursue his love of ancient Greek art, becoming a renowned scholar and one of the founders of scientific archaeology and art history. He spent much of his later life studying in the vast Vatican Library, and his writings reawakened the popular taste for Classical art and helped spur the Neoclassical movement. In 1768, a fellow traveler—who did not know who Winckelmann was—murdered him at a hotel, ostensibly for what reason?

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75 Years of Golden Globe Best Series Winners
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In the News
This Dinosaur Fossil Was So Bizarre, Scientists Thought It Was Fake
A reconstruction of Halszkaraptor escuilliei reveals the oddball sported a swan-like neck and flippers. An enigmatic dinosaur — which sported a swan-like neck, amphibious flippers and ... Discuss

The Genetic Divide Between NYC's Uptown And Downtown Rats
The Empire State building, pizza and Broadway are just a few things synonymous with New York City — and then there's the rats. Like many other major metropolitan areas, New York City has a rat problem. But that doesn't mean that all the rats are the ...

Nasa discovers a planet so grim and hostile that scientists didn't believe it could be real
We all grumble about the misery of life here on Planet Earth. But just be glad you’re not planning to move to a newly-discovered world called WASP-18b which has conditions so appalling that it made Nasa scientists question whether they had accidentally ...


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